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PVB laminated glass VS SGP laminated glass

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The Laminated Glass common have Three types:  EVA Laminated Glass, PVB laminated glass and SGP Laminated Glass.Have Difference between PVB laminated glass and SGP laminated glass? Let us make a compare as below:

As we all know, toughened glass and laminated glass are all safety glass, but laminated glass is much safer than tempered glass, because when they break, tempered glass will disperse and laminated glass will stick to the interlayer. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to safety, and interlayer glass is becoming more and more popular. But there are so many types of laminated glass, such as PVB sandwich glass, sandwich glass, and SGP sandwich glass, Eva. Do you know what's the difference between them? Today, let's talk about the difference between the PVB sandwich glass and the SGP interlayer glass. About the Eva laminated glass, let's talk about the next topic.

PVB and SGP laminated safety glass and laminated safety glass raw materials such as transparent float glass of different types, different colors of colored float glass, coated glass, Low-E glass, low iron glass, etc. these different and different colors of glass sandwich, sandwich glass can meet the personalized needs, such as safety, sound insulation, anti ultraviolet radiation, energy saving, or decoration. So what's the main difference between the PVB interlayer glass and the SGP interlayer glass?

1: Singapore is sentryguard layer by DuPont, PVB is polyvinyl butyral, there are many different suppliers.

2 thickness: PVB thickness is 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, more 0.38mm, SGP thickness is 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, and so on.

3 strength: SGP interlayer glass is five times stronger and more than 100 times higher than that of PVB laminated glass.

4 safety: SGP laminated glass is broken when it stands up, and the PVB sandwich glass is falling down.

5 cleanliness: the SGP yellow index is less than 1.5, and the PVB yellow index is 6-12, so the SGP sandwich glass is clearer than the PVB sandwich glass.

6 Applications: with high safety performance, Singapore is widely used in bad weather such as torrential rains, hurricanes and tornadoes. It does not need a frame and uses a railing. But for PVB laminated glass, it is easy to fall off if they are used to combat bad weather.

Different places need different glass. Welcome to contact us. If you have any glass project, we will be happy to provide you with high quality glass solutions to meet your individual requirements.


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